Netherlands and Greece are commonly known as one and the same, regardless of the fact that they're not connected by a land boundary. If you're travelling to either of these countries you will need a passport for entrance. The procedure to acquire a passport from one of the Schengen countries is a lot simpler than from the other. In this article we take a look at the process required in acquiring a Dutch Passport out of Greece.

Anyone who wants to apply for a passport from one of the Schengen nations need to have an additional thing before applying - evidence of citizenship from a legitimate email address. To be able to verify the identity of the applicant should offer a valid email address using a legal subscription to a website that's managed by the country of residence. To execute the verification process simply join at a registration site that's run by the consulate or some Dutch embassy, complete the application form, cover any administrative fees and then wait for your passport to arrive in the mail.

It's a rather simple procedure but it will require some effort on the part of the applicant. After signing up and confirming your citizenship through your Dutch consulate, you can go ahead and get yourself a complete Dutch Passport from the Netherlands embassy that handles affairs about citizens of the Netherlands etias. The process of obtaining a Schengen visa from Greece is a bit more involved and lengthy, but it is possible.

Besides proving citizenship through a legal email address, the applicant must also submit copies of birth certificates, identity checks and proof of residence. This might take a few months, if one wants to do it . There's a system that allows applicants to submit proofs of home directly to the consulate. This makes the whole application process much simpler and quicker, particularly for people that want to apply for a visa in a short quantity of time.

Additionally, there are other documents that will be required to be able to show your identity for a resident of the Netherlands. These include work permits and residence permit that may only be issued from the Dutch consulate. If these requirements are not met, the applicant can still apply for a Schengen visa, but the waiting period will be longer. Applicants who fail to adhere to the procedures for proving citizenship or who have their applications denied can wind up being stripped of their nationality and expelled from the Netherlands entirely. A Netherlands visa will also be suspended while this happens.

One of the most effective ways to make sure that you don't face problems when applying for a Netherlands visa is to create a profile on the immigration website. This allows you to give info about your age, residence and employment. You may then be routed instant messages whenever there's a Netherlands visa upgrades or other news that might be of interest to your traveling plans. In order to acquire a PayPal account, you may go to the Netherlands page on the company's official website. If you are unable to create a profile on the website, you can still pay through the online form.